Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Devil's Tear Drops

This tutorial requires some knowledge of Paint Pro Shop. Please don't tear/rip apart my tutorials.  Please read my TOU for further information. I would love to see your results so please contact me with it so I can put it up in a gallery here on my blog.

Supplies needed for this tutorial:
Paint Pro Shop ( I am using PSPX3 but any version should do)
PTU Scrapkit Devil's Tear Drop by Black Widow's Creations can be purchased at Underground Scraps.
Frame of choice, I am using Image 57 from the kit.
Plugin used Dsb flux-Spiderweb can be found here, must be member to access this part of the forum.
Mask of choice, I am using WSL Halloween Mask 2 by weescotlass creations
Font of choice, I am using Halloween Spider size 24, can be found at
Tube of choice, I am using Adiene's gargolian daughter GG found at must be a member to download the FTU tubes.

Now let's get started:
Open PSP, new image 500x500.
Now flood fill with black.
Open mask.
Now go to layers, mask from image, invert unchecked and apply your mask.
Now we are going to go to effects and apply Spiderweb, please see example below for settings...
Now that you did that open Image 57 and resize to about 55 percent, then using your magic wand click inside your frame and expand to about 4, then open paper 10, paste as a new layer, selection invert and then delete.  Put the paper under the frame layer.
Now add your tube on the bottom of the frame, resize if needed, I am resizing mine to about 50 percent.
Now we are going to add some elements...
If your using my example I am using the following elements...
Image 2 resize to 15 percent and place in the middle of the two frames.
Image 9 resize to about 25 percent and place in the first frame.
Image 26 resize to 15 percent and place on the bottom left of the frame.
Layers duplicate and image mirror.
Now it is time to add your text.  Go to Halloween Spider size 24 and type your text, then we are going to use the spider effect like above, you may pick colors from either you tube or whole tag .
Now your done, add your credits and copyright informations and merge visible and save.  Thanks for doing my tutorial.

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