Monday, September 26, 2011

PTU Emolution 5

This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter, please don't rip apart or claim as your own.  All ideas are of my own. I would love to see your work so please either write me or post it in the group so I may showcase it on my blog.

Let's get started:

Supplies needed:
A graphic program of choice (I am using Paint Pro Shop X3, but others should work fine with it)
Frame 1 from kit
PTU Scrapkit Emolution 5 can be purchased at, must be purchased to use.
Mask of choice I am using a grunge mask by Pinkrose found at
Font of choice I am using Accents found at
Tube of choice, I am using Dean Yeagle's Mandy in Pink and can be purchased at, do not use if you don't have a license number to do so.

Open Paint Pro Shop, with a new image about 500 x 600, you may crop later if desired.
Flood fill with color of choice I am using a pink from my tube.
Open your mask and apply it to your background then merge group.
Open frame 1 and resize to about 70%.
Now using your magic wand click inside frame, modify and expand to about 4, then pick a paper, invert and delete any that hangs outside of the frame. (I picked paper5).
After doing all this, move your paper under the frame and then do the same thing you did with the paper for the tube.
Now open the wordart found in the element section of the kit and resize to your liking and drop shawdow it to whatever you think looks good.

Now the elements:
Bow 5 resize to about 50 percent and place somewhere on the bottom.
Butterfly 1 resize to about 20 percent and put on the left top corner.
Open barbed heart and resize to 20 percnet and place on the bottom right corner.
Now open the star button and resize to 20 percent and place somewhere around the frame, duplicate 2 more times and place around the frame.
Now add your text and your copyright information, and merge together and your done.

Thanks for doing this tutorial.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

PTU Baby I love you!!!

This tutorial was written by Amanda D.Carter. Please don't rip apart or claim as your own. I would love to see your work so you can be recognized!!!

Supplied needed:
Scrapkit of choice, I am using PTU Baby I Love You by Blackwidow Creations and you can purchase this beauty at
Font used Ornamental Versals found at this site
Tube of choice I am using a Pinuptoons found at
Frame used number 1 from kit.
Mask of choice, I am using number mask number 5, from set 1 by Cat found here.

Now let's begin our tutorials.

Open psp.
Open new image 700x450.
Flood fill with white.
Open frame 1 from your scrapkit and resize to about 70 percent, select inside frame and go to select all,float and then defloat, then insert paper of choice and then invert delete, then add your tube.
Now add a new layer and then select all and insert another paper of choice, and merge group.
Add some elements, if you wanna make it like mine this is what I used...

Bow 1 resize to about 80 percent
Doodle 3 put right about mask
Flower 1 resize to about 75 percent
Heart 3 resize as desired
Rose4 to your liking

Now add your name using desired font and size, and color and then add your credits and your done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PTU Simply Irresistible

This tutorial was written and composed by Amanda Carter. Please don't rip apart this tutorial and claim as your own.  I would love to see your work so please either post the results in the group or e-mail me personally and I will add them to my blog.  Now let's get to work.

Supplies needed:
Paint Pro Shop
PTU Scrapkit titled Simply Irresistible by Jen's Sweet Temptations, you can purchase this scrapkit at Enchanted Dreams Boutique.
Mask of choice, I am gonna use is WSL number 353 located here
font of choice, I am gonna use Franklin Goth
Template number 2 found at
Tube of choice I am using psp0219-SCVonLind-Felicity by Baron Von Lind at, which is free to use.

Now let's get to work:

Open Paint Pro Shop and your template.
Now hit shit+D and make a copy of your template.
Now delete raster 6 and copyrights.
now go to raster 1 select all, and then go to your papers and copy and paste into selection number 1 paper.
Select none and then apply your mask.
then merge group, now close your mask and resize your canvis to about 500 in width.
Now select raster 2 and select all, float and then defloat, and paste a paper in the selection.
Do the same with the copy of raster 2 and the raster 4.
Now we are gonna go to raster 3 and do the same thing only hit invert delete and then select none. (With different color paper this time)
Now do the same with Copy of raster3, and the other oval.
Now do the same with the leaves only use a green color and flood fill it.
Now reselect your oval and then select all, float and then defloat andthen copy and paste your tube, earasing anything outside the tube.
Then select none.

 Add elements of choice,
If you wanna copy mine please use the tag as reference where to put them.
I used:
BFLy1 rsize to about 20 percent and then image duplicated, image mirror.
then flower8 resize to liking.
Then shoe1 resize and place like mine.

Then add your name with the fontFanklin Goth size about 20, with colors from the tag and then add your license number and other credits and your done.

Thanks for doing my tutorial.