Sunday, June 26, 2011

PTU Sexy Grunge

This tutorial was created by Amanda Carter on June 26th of 2011. Any resemble to this tutorial is purely by accident.

Materials Needed:
Paint Pro Shop (I am using version X3.)
Scrapkit Sexy Grunge, this is a PTU scrapkit, you must have a license to use. You may find this scrapkit at this location.
Mask used is in this tutorial is Gems Mask 111 and can be found at this site
Template I am using is called Star created by Vivian and dowloadable at this site
Tube of choice I am using one of Anna Rigby's creations titled Nadya Tonya and her work can be found here at this site
Font of choice I will be using...

Now let's begin our tutorial.

Please open your template, and close out the credits.
Select the yellow square and then select all, float and then defloat.
Then you will open your scrapkit and choose a paper ( I did paper 20, if you want it to look like mine, then find the papers I am using in the scrapkit or choose your own.)
 and then copy and paste, then paste as a new layer, hit invert and then delete. 
Then you will merge down.
Alittle hint you might wanna make all the star whites the same color I personally used paper 2.  Do the same with the stars also using Paper 18.

You will then do the same for the rest of the template until you are finished with the wordart, now with the wordart I have chosen paper 05.
We are then gonna add some gradient Glow using eye candy Gradient Glow from the impact collection number 5.
Here are the settings I am using..

If you can not see the settings real well they are
Glow Radius 10.00
Soften Corners 15.00
Opacity 100
Distort 12
Distort Lump 53
Gradient 49.

Then we will add the tube.
We will head back to the bottom where the square was and again select all, float and then defloat.
You will then copy and paste your tube, resize if needed.
I had to resize mine to 55%, then merge down.

We will now add some of the elements.
 I am gonna add element 03 to the first star resizing it to 25 percent.  I am putting it in the first star and the 3rd star.
Now I am gonna add another element. I am choosing element candle 1 and putting it in the second star, you might need to resize this one also. ( I resized mine to 40%).
This same candle I am putting in the other one also.
Now in the other 2 stars pick something different and make sure you resize them.
I am using element Charm01 and Charm02 in the other.
You will then merge them all.

Now it is time to add your text.
On a new layer type your text using colors that will stand out.
I am using Meiryo, size 26, using the colors from the wordart.
Then using the same settings are you did with the wordart go to your eyecandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow and then hit ok.
Layers merge visible, crop if needed.
You are now finished with this tutorial thanks for following me through it, please remember to put all credits on your finished product. If you used a PTU artist don't forget to put that information, thanks again for doing this tutorial with me.