Thursday, October 21, 2010

PTU Marital Bliss

This tutorial was created by Amanda Carter in October 21, 2010.  Anything in this tutorial that is similar to another is pure coincidence.  Thanks for trying this tutorial.
Paint Pro Shop X2 (Any version probley would do)
3 tubes or images of choice (I used one pick from my wedding)
Template number 29 by Tracy you can find it here
Mask number 1 by Scraps Dimensions located here
PTU Scrapkit by Kim's Korner you can get here

Open your template and delete the credit layer.
Highlight the grey rectangle layer, select all, float, defloat and invert, then pick a paper from the scrap kit.
Copy and paste as a new layer and then hit delete, and then merge down.
Highlight the brush layer, select all, float, defloat and invert, then again pick a paper from the scrap kit and then copy and paste as a new layer and hit delete and then merge down.
Then highlight the rectangle layers and do the same but after that stay there to add your images/tubes.
Now use your wand and select each rectangle one by one and put in your images/tubes, then merge down until together.
Now click on the frame layer, select all, float and then flood fill with a gold color (#808000) select none and then inner bevel of choice.
Close out the word art.
Highlight your large heart, select all, float, defloat and then invert, then pick a paper and hit delete.
Do the same to the other large heart.
Select the small heart and do the same as above except use a different paper.
Do the same as above.
Now it is time to put in some elements of choice, I used.
Ruffledheart1 resized by 30, and then duplicated to the other side.
The floarswag2 and then to resize to fit the middle rectangle.
Now add your name and the copyright information and then you’re done.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PTU Rock It

This tutorial was created by Amanda Carter on October 20, 2010.
Any other tutorial that looks like this is just coincidence, all ideas are my own.
Thanks for trying my tutorial, so let’s get started.

Paint Pro Shop X2 (any version would do)
4 tubes of choice (I used Popeye Wong’s you can find his tubes at
Scrap kit Rock It by Rebellious Scraps, you can buy her kits at
Mask by WSL which can be found at weescotslass creations: Masks
No outside filters were used in this tutorial.
First open a 500 x 500 transparent new image, flood fill white; this will be your background.
Go to the scrap kit and open frame 1 and paste as a new layer.
Use your magic wand and select each frame, go to selections, modify and expand by 4.
 Open paper 3, copy and paste then hit invert, then delete, put the paper under the frames.
Highlight your frame layer and once again using the wand put the tubes of choice in each of the frames, making sure the tube you are using is inside the frame, then move each layer under the frame layer, just like the paper layer your gonna have to invert and delete.
Then you’re going to merge down all tubes and the frames making all of them one, merge the paper and the frame together also.
Then highlight your background layer and pick a paper from your scrap kit, and paste as a new layer (I used paper 1)
Apply your mask, then merge group.
Add some of the elements from your scrap kit; you can follow mine as an example.
I used disc 1, resize by 45%, and then place in the middle.
Then I used heart 1 and placed them on the other 2 frames, try to resize the heart by 25%, duplicate and then image mirror.
Add your name on a new layer; using the font of choice (I used Forte, size 22, using colors #4f9cba, and #ff058c).
Add your watermark copyrights and then merge visible and then you’re done, thanks again for looking at me tutorial.

Monday, October 18, 2010

PTU Remember Last Summer

This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter on October 14, 2010.  Any part of this tutorial that looks like someone else is pure coincidence

Supplies needed

A tube of choice (I used red by Andrea Young)
You can see her tubes http//
Vix Mask 97 located here
Template Aloha can be found here
Scrap kit of choice I used Remember Last Summer by Scrap Wishes.
Font of choice.
Ok let’s get started.
Open your tube and minimize.
Open your template and delete the credits.
Highlight your backgrounds select all, float and defloat, open paper 1 and paste into selection, apply mask 97.
Merge group and resize to your liking.
Click on the square frame, select all, float, defloat and then invert.
Pick one of the papers from your scrap kit (I picked paper2), paste as a new layer and then hit delete and then deselect.
Merge down.
Do the same for all of them until you get to the large word art.
Click on the lrg wordart, float and defloat and pick a paper or color from your tube and fill the word art.
Then dropshawdow your word art I used the settings V-2, h-2, Opacity 50, blue 6 color black.
Close out the small word art.
Flood fill the palm tree to your liking.

Now were gonna add the tube, I am adding my tube to the middle of the frame.
Dropshawdow your tube.

Add elements of choice, your name and the credits and then you’re done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

FTU Bewitched

Supplies I used:
Candy’s Treats Scrap kit called Bewitched FTU can be found here
Vix Mask number 0903 which can be found here
Tube used is by Popeye Wong titled first row to back seat which can be found at his website at seriously... who the Hell is Popeye Wong?
Font of choice.
Ok let’s get started
Create a transparent image 600x600.
Select all and open paper number 10, then copy and paste into selection.
Select none and apply mask 0903.
Layers merge group.
Open frame 3 and paste as a new layer.
Use magic wand and expand by 3, then hit invert.
Copy and paste paper 8 as a new layer and hit delete.
Paste your tube so it looks good near the frame.
Reselect your frame.
Use your wand and pick an element and place inside your frame.
Invert and then go to your element and hit delete so it is inside your frame and then deselect.
Click on one of the bows and put it on top of your frame. (You might resize a little bit)
Merge visible and add your credits, copyright and name.

Thanks for doing my tutorial.  This tutorial was created by Amanda Carter
Any parts that looks like another tutorial is pure coincidence.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Along the Grapevine PTU

Along the Grapevine 

Supplies used:
Template #6 located here
Scrap kit by Jen called Along the Grapevine and can be bought here
Tube of choice
Open Template #6 and remove copyright.
Select Rectangle back, select all, float, defloat then invert.
Select a paper from the scrap kit (I used paper 1)
Copy and paste paper on a new layer and hit delete then merge down.
Select rec1 and do the same as above with different paper (I used paper9)
Continue doing this with all the layers using different papers.
Once doing that select Stalkers Rule select all, float and defloat then flood fill with green (I used color# 93c94f), then select none and drop shadow it.
Highlight Rec2 and put your tube in it by select all, float,defloat, invert, then copy as a new layer and hit delete. Then duplicate twice and place the tubes in the rest of the rectangles.
Add name and copyright and you’re done.

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Any similarities to this tutorial is coincidence and created by Amanda Carter