Thursday, April 14, 2011

PTU Love Birds

Thank for you for trying my newest tutorial.  This one has to have some knowledge of Paint Pro Shop.  If this looks like anything like other tutorials, it is by pure conicidence.  This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter on April 14th,2011.  Now let's get started.

Supplies Needed:
Paint Pro Shop
PTU Scrapkit by Sleek n Sassy Designz sold at
Mask by Vix, using number 447 can be found here.
Template #23 of the Valentine section can be found at
Font I am using is called Kinkee and located here.
Tube of choice, I am using art from Jakob Kramer and his gallery is found here, contact him about the use of his tubes and how to get them.

Now let's begin this tutorial.

Open your tube in Paint Pro Shop ( your gonna need it later).
Open your template.
Delete the credits.
Select the Oval, go to select all, float and then defloat.
Select a paper and paste as a new layer and then invert, then delete and merge down, make sure you select none. ( I picked paper 1)
 Now select circle2 and do the same as you did above only with a different paper.(ex: I picked paper 2).
Your gonna do that to the rest of them until you get to the hearts.

Now were gonna select each heart and do the same as above only we are gonna add some noise to them.  Make sure both hearts are the same color.  To add noise go to adjust, and then select the add/remove noise and we are gonna use these settings:  Uniform, 25, Monochrome checked.
Now we are gonna do the Love wording.  (Pick a bright color).  Do the same as above only change the settings to your noise. (I did mine, Uniformed, 30, with Monochrome picked.) (I also picked paper 3.)

Now we are gonna do the elements.
Go to Frame 4, and copy and paste as a new layer and resize as desired.(I resized by 45%).
Now add your tube inside the frame. (Resize as needed I resized mine to 25%, and put at the end of the word Love).
I then added the element 2hearts. Resize and then add to any corner of your tag.Then add a dropshawdow of choice. (I used settings.. H-3,V-3,Opacity25,Blur 3.00,Color Black)
Do the same thing with the cake element.

Now that you did that pick a paper and use that for your font color and place your text. Then dropshawdow it and then put some noise in it.
Go to your background,select all, then pick a paper and paste it into your selection, then select none.
Apply your mask, merge mask and then your done.(Remember to merge your layers together.)

Put your credits and copyright information and then your done.

Thanks for doing my tutorial.

Friday, April 8, 2011

PTU Emolicious

This tutorial was written by me,Amanda Carter on April 8,2011.  Any other tutorial that looks like this one is just by pure accident.  Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Supplies needed:
Paint Pro Shop (I am using PSPX3), if you need this program you can try it here.
Tube of choice, I am using a Popeye Wong tube you can find his site here.
PTU Scrapkit Emolicious by Stef's Scrapkits and you can buy it at
Template #369 by Divine Intentionz located here.
Mask of choice I am using OCA508SP. I found this at (If you are the creater of this beautiful mask and have another link for download please feel free to e-mail me it so I can replace that link.)
Font of choice, I am using Enlighten found at

Now let's begin our fun!!!!

Open your Paint Pro Shop program.
Open your tube (you will need this later in the tutorial).
Now we are going to open your template.
Delete the bymissy layer.
Highlight the stars layer.
Select all,float and defloat and flood fill with a color from your tube, then select none.

Now select Rebel2 and select all,float,defloat.
Pick a paper (I picked paper28) from your scrapkit,copy and paste as a new layer, your then gonna invert,delete,select none and merge down.
Now select the star and do the same thing as you did for Rebel2.

Now pick the other star and do the same as above only with a different paper.(I am using Paper27).
Now using the same paper as the star above do the same thing for Rebel1.
Keep the pixel wording the way it is.

Now we are gonna work on Frame2.
Select all,float and defloat, on a new layer pick a paper and then invert,delete merge down.(I am picking Paper1.) Use a different paper for the shawdow part. (I am using paper 26 for that part.)
Do the same as above for the rest of the layers, using different kinds of papers or the same kind your choice.(I did keep the a the way it was but it is up to you.) I also kept the back of the wordart white and the shawdow as is.

Now it is time to add your tube.
Go back to your Frameback and then select all,float and then defloat, then your gonna copy and paste your tube,invert and then delete.
Do the same for the other Frameback.
Select the background,select all, and then copy and paste a paper of choice (I am using paper 25)in the selection and then apply your mask.
Layers and merge group.

Now were gonna add your text.
I am using Enlighten size 30, colors any from your tag.

Now put in your license number if using a PTU tube artist and the other copyright information, and your done thanks for doing my tutorial. Remember to merge all layers together before saving.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PTU In the Moment

This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter on April 6,2011, any other tutorial that looks like this one is purely conicidence.  This tutorial is written with presumily some knowlege on Paint Pro Shop.

Supplies needed:
Paint Pro Shop (I have PSPX3)
Tube of choice, I am using SW422 Family Ties by Suzanne Woolcott and you can find her tubes, you must have a license to use her tubes
PTU Scrapkit In the Moment FS by JTs Designs found at this site, you must perchase this to use.
Mask of choice, I am using Monti's Jagged Heart located at this location
Font of choice.

Now let the fun begin...
Open your Paint Pro Shop Program
Open new image a 500 x 500 transparent.
Go to Raster 1 and flood fill with white.
Open Frame 1 from your scrapkit and resize to 10 percent, now place your frame anywhere on the canvas.I placed mine in the middle.
Pick a paper from your scrapkit and erase anything outside the frame, I am using paper 8. Make sure the paper is underneath the frame.
Now we are gonna open your tube and do the same thing as above,erase anything that hangs outside of the frame, and then put the tube in between the frame and your paper.

Now we are gonna add some of our elements.
Open one of your ribbons (or frame wraps) that will either match the frame or your tube, I am picking Frame Wrap and resize to fit your frame, erase anything that is hanging outta the frame.
Now pick another element and decorate to your hearts desire, just make sure you resize to fit your tag.

Now add your text, make sure you pick the colors that will look good on your tag, I am using font Lao UI 28.
Go to Raster 1, select all and pick a paper and paste it into the selection, then apply your mask.
Your now gonna add your copyright information and license numbers and your done, thanks for trying my tutorial.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Kids

I have never posted my kids pics on a blog before until this day, my lovely kids are Richard age 5 (will be 6 in July) and Katherina age 3 will be age 4 next month.

PTU Puppy Love

This tutorial was written by me anything that looks like this is just by accident.

Supplies needed:
A Paint Pro Shop Program, I am using PSPX3 but any version should work
Tube of choice, I am using All Yours by Barbara Jension, you can buy here,must have a license to use her work.
PTU Scrapkit Puppy Love TS by Jens Sweet Temptations, must buy to use this at Enchanted Dreams Boutique.
Template of choice, I am using Taggers Template #190 titled Party Animal by blissfully beth located here.
font of choice, I will be using Kunstler Script.

Now lets get started:
Your gonna wanna open Paint Pro Shop first.
Now open your tube of choice.
Now open your template.
Close out Raster 2.
Click on the stars and then select all, float and then defloat.
We are then going to choose a paper from the scrapkit and then copy and paste as a new layer and then invert delete. I am gonna use paper 9.  Select none and then merge down.

Now we are gonna select the black frame and do as above, with any paper choice(I used paper 8), then again do the invert and delete,then merge down.
We are now gonna go to small blue frame bg and do the same as above, only instead of deselecting we are gonna stay there and add something in there. (Now if you wanna use the same paper as me I am using paper2), we are now gonna add one of the puppies found in the elements area.
I added puppy 3 and resized it by 30 percent and then merge down.
Now select your word art and then select all, and flood fill with the color of choice (hint:your might wanna pick a color from your tube,I am using color #4f0d83).

Now click on your skull, now your can match the color from your tube or leave black,personally I am gonna leave it just the way it is.
Now we go to the next black frame and do what you did before, I am using paper 8, and then merge down.
Do the same with the white rectangle, but keep selected cause this is where we are gonna add your tube.
I am using paper 6.  When you add your tube just hit delete on the parts you don't want in the tag.
Then your gonna select none and merge down.

We are gonna leave the blue oval alone but you can change that if you want.
I am now clicking the the stripes and once again select all,float and defloat and then put in paper of choice in it by add it as a new layer and then invert then delete. ( I will be using paper3).

Now with the black frame we are gonna select all,float and then defloat and once again pick a paper and invert, delete and then merge together. ( I decided to use paper 4).

Now we are gonna select Raster 1, and apply the mask. (Since the purple matches my tube I am gonna leave the background color the same.)
Remember to merge group to make it look right.

Now we are gonna add our text.
I am using Kunstler Script, with the colors from the tag we just made.

Now add your proper copyrights and watermark, merge all, and save and then your done.
Thanks for trying this tutorial.