Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cute As A Bug

This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter, if you have any questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to write me at  You can also show me your results so I can post them in a gallery here on the blog.  Please don't rip apart this tutorial.

Supplies needed:
Paint Pro Shop
PTU Scrapkit WWD_Cute As A Bug by WackieWinnie Designz can be bought here
Frame of choice, I am using Frame 2 from the kit
Mask WSL 355 by weescotlass creations can be found here
Font of choice, I am using A Yummy Apology size 30 found here
Plugin- Eye Candy Glow (Can be either 3,4 or 6), just google the plugin to find
Tube of choice, I am using Popeye Wong's Soft Breeze, which is free to use and his work can be found at

Now let's get to work.
Open a new image 600x600, and flood with white, select all, open paper 4 then paste into selection.
Apply your mask and merge your group.
Open frame 2 and copy and paste as a new layer and resize to about 45 percent.
Click inside your frame, modify and expand to about 5 and put paper 1 in it, by selecting invert then hitting delete.
Now do the same with your tube.
Now were going to add some elements around your frame, here is what I used...
Ballon resize to about 35 and paste above your frame in the left hand corner, then duplicate and mirror the image.
Bug 1 resize to about 15 percent put in the lower section of the tag and then duplicate and mirror the image.
Bow1 resize to about 15 percent and put on the bottom of the heart frame.

Now it is time to add your text, A Yummy Apology size 30, use colors from your tag.
Now were gonna make our text glow, using the settings below...

Now add your credits and your done, thanks for doing this tutorial, remember to merge all layers.

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