Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FTU Wanna Be A Rockstar

Supplies needed:
Paint Pro Shop
FTU Scrapkit Wanna Be A Rockstar by Wicked Creation Scrapz located here
Mask of choice, I am using Vix_Mask377@
Template number 29 by Vix, you can find her templates at
Tube of choice, I am using Arrah_by_Adiene which can be found here, must be member to download the free tubes.

Now let's begin our tutorial:
Open PSP.
Open template 29 and then hit shift d to make a copy and close the original.
Delete the credits.
Select the background and to to select all and then put paper 7 and paste into the selection then apply your mask, merge your group.
Now select the outta circle and go to select all, float and then defloat, select paper 1, copy and paste paper 1, invert then delete and merge down.
Now do the same with the others but do the following papers for each layer...
star layer paper 3
Main frame paper 2
Studden Circle paper 5
For the Word Art we are going to use paper 4.
Now add your tube.
Place your tube wherever desired.
Now add text of your choice using colors from your tube.
Now add your credits and your done, now merge visibile.

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