Saturday, May 7, 2011

PTU Forever Love

This tutorial was written by Amanda Carter on April 17th, 2011, any resemblences to other tutorials are purely by accident.  I would love to see your results, you can show them to me by e-mailing me at Have fun!!

Things needed for this tutorial:
Paint Pro Shop ( I am using Paint Pro Shop X3, but any should work.)
PTU Forever Love which can be found at Lollipops N Gumdrops.
Template called Pink Princess which can be found at
Font  MC Sweetie Hearts which can be found here, but you must become a member to download.
Tube of choice, I am using Alluring Beauty 01 and can be purchased at  Please do not use unless you have a license.

This tutorial requires some knowledge of Paint Pro Shop, now let the tutorial fun begin.

Open your tube in Paint Pro Shop.
Open your Template.
Delete the credits.
Click on the first layer after the bg,select all,float and then defloat.
Pick a paper from your scrapkit, then invert delete then merge down. (I am picking paper11.)
Do the same for the other layers on your template until you get to the rey oval.(Leave the dots the same color,now with the crown I am leaving that the way it is, as for the pink oval and white oval leave it as it is.)
Now that your at rey oval go ahead and do the same as you did above only don't deselect it cause your gonna add your tube there. Don't forget to hit the delete button to remove anything hanging out of the oval.  Merge down so the tube and the oval is one.

Leave black star as is.
Select the pink star and add some noise to it, I am using Monochrome,25 percent, uniform styled.

Now your gonna add your text (I added my name inside the star and using the color black so it shows really well.)
Now it is time to add some elements. (Remember to put a drop shawdow to each element you add)
I am gonna add the purple bow to the edges make sure to resize them.( I resized mine to 15.)
Layers duplicate, image mirror and then flip and place it where you want it.
I then added a butterfly, resized by 15 percent, and do the same as you did above only add to the bottom of the tag.

Add your copyright information,your license number and things like that, then merge down and your done.  Thanks for trying my tutorial today.